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We import, sell, and procure/supply best medical and hospital equipment from Switzerland, Germany, USA, etc.
We carry out installation, repairs & maintenance of Medical and hospital equipment. We also have trained staff for installation and continuous monitoring of delicate equipment.

As the needs of various hospitals differ relative to the kind of patients, patients load prevalent ailments etc. We have fine-tuned our Medical equipment stock and services to meet every request. We are interested in establishing a “Business Relationship” with your reputable establishment in the aforementioned and related areas.

We trust that your establishment will derive enormous benefits if we are made one of your suppliers following our service offerings:

Being an importer our prices should be within your budget, Guaranteed quality professional services, Our source of equipment is second to none, Best supply of medical and hospital equipment, Staff training and familiarization on use of equipment, Follow-up maintenance and repair of Medical equipment, Procurement of serviceable parts from parent companies or distributors abroad

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